RM60  to RM150 per hour (pls find out more)

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These are challenging exams to students even Top scorers in SPM, O levels and STPM , some of whom are scholarship holders to pursue FIA, CAT and ACCA. The idea is work diligently, get additional approach, get different perspective. The small group class usually 4 students and wont exit 5 students will enable students get personal attention. Besides more questions can be directly solved. Doubts at every turn of question or every step can be attended by tutor personlly. Some questions will be marked according to marking scheme, this helps students understand the extend of answering and key facts that must be included in the answers.

Act now enquiry now. Drop a note we shall advice you accordings.


Please NOTE: there are free sessions, seminar and workshops enquiry and benefit from it. There fees will be cheaper if the exam is more than 3 months and becomes higher when its nearing exam. Please start early and enjoy massive savings.